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I am a tech enthusiast who is in love with the new technologies for twenty years now. I currently work as a chief editor for the biggest and the most reputable Internet site within the Adriatic region which is oriented towards smartphones: pametnitelefoni.rs.


After I have written more than 1.500 articles and 100 video clips, people started being interested in working with me and my skills within the video production branch. Immediately afterward, a decent number of successful partnerings were realized, which today are the main part of my Portfolio.


For the very sake of further work, I have decided to start a video production firm which – in co-operation with another reputable video/audio firms – will be able to deliver high-quality content. For now, with my team, I am able to meet all the video production needs of my clientele to me and their satisfaction.


Browse and see all that I have done so far, and – just maybe – you and I will also work together